Hey, it's me, Ariel!

a little about me...

My name is Ariel (AH R -EE - EHL). This is how I pronounce my name for those of you that don't know me. The Little Mermaid came about around the same time I was I was born and ever since then I've gotten that reference, however that is not the case. My parents got my name from the Bible and had someone give them the Hebrew pronunciation, they just happened to like it better. It means lion of God...


I've been a hairstylist since 2012 and couldn't be happier with the path I've chosen for my career. This was honestly something that fell into my lap at a young age, a best friend in high school's idea of fun (going to hair school). That idea sparked an interest and gave me motivation enough to enroll my junior year... and the rest is history.


I love taking classes, learning new techniques and fueling my passion to better myself as your stylist. I'm currently rooted in Austin, Texas, but I'm always down to travel. I've done weddings in Colorado, California, and all over Texas and am so grateful that my journey has lead me to those opportunities. I specialize in bridal, lived- in color and tape extensions. 


When I'm not behind the chair, you can most likely find me in the gym, trying to make a new healthy recipe I found, or hopping on a plane for an adventure! I almost always have something in the works. My trips usually revolve around hiking or the beach, or a mix of both. 

Thanks for following along! I can't wait to meet you!