how to UNDO the UPDO

Updated: May 28, 2020

it's the end of the night, your hair held up, and your now husband is up for his first task as a married man. I always joke with my brides and tell them "tell him to dig for those pins like he's digging for treasure, they shine like gold anyways." that's the first step, removing the pins, and trying to undo the updo as much as possible without tearing the hair. it sounds like a lot of work, after dancing the night away it can be a pretty tangled mess depending on how you like to break it down on the dance floor plus by this point you're probably a little intoxicated too (or a lot). so here's the easy part: get your hair wet and coat conditioner on it, like make sure your hair is soaking in it (I love Moroccan Oil's hydrating conditioner for this) its super hydrating and really helps detangle + bring the hair back to life. don't forget to bring your Wet Brush or a wide-toothed comb with you into the shower (maybe your man too, don't @ me if you don't have a man, that brush will be your bff for this job) , you'll want to try to brush through as much as possible while the conditioner is on starting from the ends up. when its fully brushed, shampoo TWICE, then apply a mask, I always shampoo twice I feel like the first time gently cleanses, the second time really gets in there and does the job. another tip: if you feel like you have a rats nest in your hair add 1 part 70% alcohol to 3 parts shampoo, it will help remove that heavy duty hairspray. so to sum it all up, CONDITION, SHAMPOO, CONDITION. that'll do it! until next time...

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