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* prices may vary due to additional product + time needed. the pricing listed below is the starting price. 


any remixing of bowls beyond the original amount included will be charged accordingly. 

haircut / 85

gloss + blowout / 95

aromatherapy conditioning treatment / 45

olaplex experience/ 150 

all over color /165

root coverage / 115

blowout / 60

blowout + hot tools / 80

keratin express treatment / 155


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                                             TAPE EXTENSIONS 

tape extensions are thin tape wefts that get "taped- in" in a sandwich-like method (weft, natural hair, weft). they are extremely lightweight, allowing them to lay very comfortably + flat against your scalp. 

customized from start to finish, the possibilities are endless with these wefts - consultation required 

1st INSTAL PRICING - includes shampoo/ blowout, tape extension install + cut to blend 

$15/ sandwich 

MAINTENANCE PRICING - includes reinstallation + a trim if needed (please come with clean hair to this appointment - shampoo is not included)

$18 / sandwich 

* maintenance is every 8-10 weeks depending on hair growth and every 4-6 weeks for curly-haired clients. hair can be reinstalled up to three times lasting 6-8 months*

INITIAL APPOINTMENT- all initial appointments require an in-person consultation to color match + talk about your goals. pricing will vary based on the desired result.


                                          CLIP IN EXTENSIONS


clip- in extensions are wefts that are clipped into the hair. they are a less expensive / less commitment option that quickly adds volume and / or length. clip them in when you want to wear them and take them out before bed - consultation required 

INITIAL APPOINTMENT - all initial appointments require an in-person consultation to color match + talk about your goals. pricing will vary based on the desired result. all hair is ordered from BFB Hair and pricing ranges from $75-$350. 

* can ship directly to you or my salon. if they need to be cut to blend, bring them in for a haircut (pricing -$80) 


                                       BLONDING SERVICES 

BALAYAGE starts at $280

Hand painted highlights that give a sun kissed look with a seamless grow out. Ideal for naturally lighter haired clients or clients okay with having some warm tones in the hair. Blowout included.


this includes foilayage, babylights,+ traditional foiling. 

*PARTIAL -  I focus mainly on the hair that is seen while your hair is down + parted and also while it is up in a ponytail. This means the underneath hairline, around the face, and all along the part line will be lightened. This session can be done a couple times before I recommend booking a full highlight. Blowout included. starts at $250

*FULL - I detail every section of hair, making sure you will be evenly blonded all over. If you are working towards being extremely blonde and you're just starting out, this one is for you. A few sessions may be needed to achieve your goal, then you can do partials from there. Blowout included. starts at $300

FACE FRAME starts at $165
Face frame only to create a poppy money piece, blowout included.

FULL BLONDING starts at $400 

If you have a corrective blonding situation taking place, or if you have dense, thick hair that requires more time and attention, or have goals of going lighter - this is the route to go! 



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